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About Wei Hong:

Wei Hong Subcontracting Department was found in 1988.  In this stage, we provide Deep Hole Machining Service for customers.  In 1992, we developed first deep hole drilling machie (gun drilling machine for us using.  In 1996, we successfully manufactured first NC deep hole drilling machine.  In 1998, our first BTA deep hole drilling machine was completed.  In 2004, our subcontracting factory had 12 deep hole drilling machines (include 6 set off-center gun drilling machines, 4 set center line gundrilling machines and 2 set BTA deep hole drilling machines) and all machines are manufactured by our self.

We established machinery department for manufacture deep hole drilling machines (gundrilling machine, BTA deep hole drilling machines) and sold our quality machines into international market in 2005.

In 2008, we successfully develop trepanning machine (trepan drilling machine) for deep hole drilling.  Until 2009, we successfully established our market and sold our gundrilling machines, BTA deep hole drilling machines and trepanning machines(trepan drilling machine) into Europe and America.

Deep Hole Drilling / Gundrilling looks like a simple working.  But, drilling a well deep hole concern many key points.  Wei Hong develops high precision, high productivity and high strength with reasonable prices based on HONOR, INTENTNESS and INNOVATION company culture. 

We firmly believe successful, profitable manufacturing partnerships are based on continuous, two-way communication and with this to the back drop to everything we do, we look forward to discussing how we can help you to increase your profits and your competitiveness.




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BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machines & Gun Drilling Machine Manufacturer

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